International Summer Outdoor Seminar

Stage in Croatia, Soke Mabuni Kenyu, Carlos Molina, Anselm Stahl


We invite you to the traditional Dento Shito Ryu International summer seminar that will be held on August 2024 in Croatia.

Following the memory of legendary DSI seminars that were held at Corsica, 2024 seminar will be held outdoors. Be prepared for fresh air, summer sun, beautiful landscapes and Croatian hospitability.

OrganizationDento Shito Ryu International

Who We Are Dento Shito Ryu International was founded at the suggestion of the soke Mabuni Kenei (son of the founder Mabuni Kenwa) as a continuation of the Union Shito Ryu Europe, to nurture and vitalize the authentic form of Shito Ryu taught by the Mabuni family.

What We Do In DSI, Shito Ryu is practiced not as a sport, but as a martial art, preserving the unique techniques and kata applications bequeathed to us by Mabuni Kenwa and his son Mabuni Kenei. This tradition is continued by Mabuni Kenyu, the third soke of Shito Ryu

Our Goals With the rise of sports karate, the traditional values, techniques and kata applications that are a real treasure for karate practitioners have been eclipsed. Our goal is to introduce Shito Ryu as BUDO karate to as many people as possible around the world.

Host - Shito Ryu Croatia - Karate klub “Okinawa” Novi MarofHost of the event; Martial Arts club that follows near 50-year tradition of karate practicing in Novi Marof, Croatia.Together with Kobudo klub “Nichi” Novi Marof and Meigetsu dojo Zagreb promotes Martial Arts in Novi Marof and Croatia by training Shito Ryu Karate Do, and traditional Japanese Martial Arts like Taijutsu, Jujutsu and Japanese kobudo (bikenjutsu, bojutsu, shurikenjutsu).As a complement to the main topic, the host offers optional training in Japanese koryu kobudo (bojutsu). The topic of those trainings will be kihon technique (stances, blocks/strikes and basic kata).

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