Shito-Ryu Lehrgang mit Carlos Molina in Finnland

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Date(s) - 27/04/2019 - 28/04/2019

Joensuu Sports hall Finnland



Unter der Leitung von

Carlos Molina (8. Dan)

Carlos Molina, Nov. 2015

27./28. April 2019

The seminar is meant for teachers, assistant teachers and for invitational guests, please take contact to Katri:

Required skill level for participants „karate“.

Participants are advised to reserve a place on the seminar in advance, because of the limited number of spots on the seminar. Please contact Katri:

Seminar location:

The location of the seminar will be the Joensuu Sports hall located in the center of Joensuu Koskikatu 12, just 700 meters from the Hotel Greenstar.

Travel suggestions:

  • By car a 420-kilometer 5-hour drive Helsinki – Joensuu
  • By train 4,5 hours straight from the airport Tikkurila – Joensuu
  • By plain a straight flight to Joensuu (pick up from the airport by car can be arranged if needed)

For overnight stay:

  • Hotel Greenstar: Two-person room with an extra bed for 62€ per day + breakfast for 8,50€. Must be reserved in advance. Booking code: Outokummun karateseura. Email:
  • Holiday Linnunlahti: A two to six-person cabin or overnight stay with a mobile home. One kilometer from the Sports hall.
  • There are other options available, but we recommend using the above ones.
ORT:  80100 Joensuu, Koskikatu 12, Sports hall, Finnland
Outokummun Karateseura ry

Kontakt: Jari Räty & Katri

AUSRICHTER: Outokummun Karateseura
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